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Yoga Instructor 

Florida native Bianca found alignment within the realm of healing, metaphysics, and a healthy lifestyle as a teenager. Having trained as a classical ballet dancer for years in Florida and in New York City, movement had become an integral part of her life. Like many others, she experienced Yoga as a catalyst for rapid personal development. Yoga ultimately became the gateway to Bianca’s mastery of eclectic holistic practices which now range from Reiki, Yogic Technology, Meditation, and Breathwork. She’s constantly exploring diverse forms of self-expression that reveal inner-healing and self-awareness. Her favorite new practices are aerial arts and gardening.


Bianca received her Yoga Teacher Training in Tantric Vinyasa Flow based in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. She is also a certified Reiki and Breathwork Practitioner. Bianca approaches Yoga as a powerful tool that is both practical and esoteric to create a dialogue between the physical body, the mind, and the energetic body. Her classes are an amalgamation of Tantric Hatha Vinyasa, Katonah Yoga, Yogic Breathwork (pranayama), Daoism, and Meditation. Bianca ultimately seeks to empower people through healing practices by inviting them to co-create a supportive framework and experience that evokes, awakens, and informs their own innate healer.

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