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Certified Group & Personal Trainer, Author, & Coach

I am a certified master development coach, personal trainer and behavior change specialist. I love working with people and getting them to be engaged with living their best life. I work with senior populations as a movement instructor and I specialize in helping people on a journey for change. My passion is working with groups and individuals to help them with their life transitions to create personal balance – physically and mentally.

It is our pleasure to recommend Robin Griffiths as a fitness instructor/personal trainer. We have worked with many fitness professionals over the years, and Robin's combination of personality and performance stand out above the crowd. While average trainers are able to deliver a decent workout session, Robin separates herself from the pack for three reasons : motivation, diversity, and flexibility in group settings.

Robin's brand of motivation is a fun but firm challenge. Not everyone responds to a drill sergeant, and Robin's approach is "if it is not enjoyable, you won't come back". This style of training delivers long-term results.

Nothing is more draining than the same work-out program, over and over. Imagination is a powerful tool, and Robin mixes up the offerings in such a way that address the intended objectives while keeping the interest of the class or individual.
Classes can be tough, given the varying levels of fitness. Robin leads the "group", while recognizing the individuals in it. This is not a strength that most fitness professionals possess.                                 

                                                                                                                                       - Tom and Candy