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Certified Fitness Instructor Personal Trainer Aqua Fitness Instructor


Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Aquatics Instructor

Certified Senior Fitness Specialist

Sue grew up in Southern California where outdoor activities were part of everyday life, whether surfing at the beach or hiking in the mountains. Her diverse athletic sports background over the years has included: tennis, cycling, golf, swimming, long-distance running, Kempo karate, Tai Chi Chuan (Yang style), and AAU competitive bodybuilding.

Being a lifelong active and athletic person, she was eager to study to become a Personal Trainer and help others reach their fitness and health goals. Sue is a NCAA Accredited Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Senior Fitness Specialist and Certified Aquatic Exercise Instructor; holds Certificates of Completion in Wellness Coaching, Sports Nutrition & Wellness Management, and Sports Performance Essentials in Sports Core. Her current course of study is for the ACE Strength & Conditioning/Sports Conditioning Specialty certification (CSCS), in order to have the tools to design workouts for athletes to improve their balance, strength, agility and speed.

Sue's main focus as a fitness professional is working with older adults aged 55+, helping them increase their longevity and quality of life by leading safe, effective and fun group fitness classes, and also providing personal trainer services with individuals as needed. Staying active with exercise, increasing strength and muscle mass, improving flexibility and mobility, along with training for balance and stability are vital to a healthy and long life.

Sue believes that everyone deserves to the best versions of themselves at every age by having a strong body, a healthy heart and a calm mind. Journey with Sue as we work to have a healthier tomorrow!

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