Olga D.

Certified 200 Hour Yoga Instructor

Certified pilates instructor

Olga is a certified 200 Hour Yoga Instructor registered with Yoga Alliance.

Olga is also a Pilates Mat Instructor. 

Prior to relocating to Naples in 2016, Olga and her husband resided in Columbia, South Carolina.  In 2013, Olga completed 9 months of formal yoga teacher training from Sakhi Yoga Teacher Training in Columbia, South Carolina.

Olga is originally from Moscow, Russia and fluent in Russian and English.
Olga and her husband live full time in Naples and have 2 sons,  3 daughters and 4 grand children

“Olga is inspiring, both as a person and as an instructor – getting to know her has been a true delight.  Her ability to tailor my practices in ways that best suit my body’s abilities and shortcomings has been a huge benefit as I have recovered from a minor medical issue. At the end of our practices I always feel a sense of well-being and accomplishment - energized for the day ahead.”  Chella